Hellcat Press is turning five!

Five years ago, Hellcat Press released its debut anthology, Dark Lady, an all-female horror comics anthology featuring ten short scary stories written and illustrated by women from around the world. In honor of our premiere anthology, we are putting together a second all-female horror comics anthology: Dark Lady Returns.

Dark Lady Returns is a horror anthology written and illustrated by women and those who identify as women. It will be released by Hellcat Press in October 2019.

Now, I’m sure you have some questions…

Why an all-woman anthology?

Five years ago, Lindsay Moore pitched an all-female horror comics anthology to a co-ed group of comics creators, the Boston Comics Roundtable. Though Lindsay had been a valued member of the group for nearly seven years, her idea was met with misogyny and derision, and she was told that her project was not worth supporting.

Though women have made many contributions to the horror genre and the comics medium, they tend to be overlooked or dismissed. Five years ago, Lindsay wanted to produce an all-female anthology as a way to honor and celebrate women in horror. Although her idea was shot down by the Boston Comics Roundtable, Lindsay produced the anthology anyway, and Dark Lady was born.

It’s Hellcat Press’s five-year anniversary, and we’d like to get back to our roots. We’d like Dark Lady to return.

Is this a sequel to Dark Lady?

Yes and no. We are not looking to continue any of the stories printed in Dark Lady. We are, however, looking to continue to celebrate and honor women in horror through comics.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

All stories must fall under the horror genre. That being said, the horror genre is vast and all-encompassing.

I’m a writer/artist, and I need someone to collaborate with. Can you put me in touch with someone?

Unfortunately, I am unable to pair writers and artists.

Can I adapt a pre-existing short story into comic book format?


If my story is accepted and published, can I still print minis and sell them at conventions?

Yes. You will retain the copyright to your story.

If my story is accepted and published, can I still submit it to other anthologies?

Yes. You will retain the copyright to your story.

What will I get out of this?

In addition to having your work published, you will receive one (1) free copy of the book and a minimum of twenty (20) dollars. Each creative team will receive a minimum $20. How you divide the money is entirely up to you.

What do you mean by “a minimum of $20”?

Our most recent anthology, Screams Heard ‘Round the World, was funded via Kickstarter. When putting together the budget for that anthology, we decided that any and all extra money made by the Kickstarter would be divided evenly among the contributors. The Kickstarter exceeded its original goal, and each creative team was given $31.30 in addition to the $20 that was initially promised to them, bringing their grand total up to $51.30. Kickstarter is fickle; we cannot guarantee that each creative team will receive a $31.30 bonus. However, we can guarantee a minimum of $20 to each creative team.

How are you printing?

I’m using IngramSpark (

What are the specs?

The book will be printed in black and white. The pages are 8.5 x 11 inches (standard magazine size). Keep all type 1/4″ away from the edge to ensure that no text is cut off. Please keep your stories ten pages or under.

Is there a submission process?

Yes there is! Please email me with your pitch ( before March 15, 2019. Please send in either a detailed outline/synopsis of your story or a full script (if you have one). Please include artwork with your pitch. If you have sample pages of your story, send them along; if not, links to online portfolios or unrelated artwork is also acceptable. Anything submitted after March 15, 2019 will not be considered. If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified as quickly as possible.

What is the deadline for finished artwork?

July 1, 2019.

I’m a transwoman and I want to submit a story. Can I?


I’m a man and I want to submit a story. Can I?

No. Please wait until the next anthology that Hellcat Press releases. 

I’ve included this question and those below it because they were actually asked when I originally pitched Dark Lady to the Boston Comics Roundtable back in 2014. Questions like this are degrading. They are not serious inquiries, they are insults. They are demands that we bend the rules and compromise the integrity of our all-female anthology. Please, have the decency not to ask these questions — even if it’s meant as a joke. It isn’t funny.

I’m a man and I want to submit a story. What if I collaborate with a woman?

The answer is “no.”

I’m a man and I want to submit a story. What if I use a gender-neutral pen name or my initials?

The answer is still “no.”

I’m a man and I want to submit a story. What if I write about a female character?

The answer is still “no.”

I’m a man and I want to submit a story. Can I adapt a short story by a female author?

The answer is still “no.”

As a man, if I can’t be in the book, how can I participate?

Support. Tell your female friends about this anthology. Offer writers and artists constructive feedback. Donate to our Kickstarter page. Buy the book when it comes out. Post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or your blog.

Please note that Hellcat Press has produced co-ed horror anthologies in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

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