Monthly Archives: February 2015

“Dark Lady” cover art needed!

Hellcat Press’s premier anthology, “Dark Lady,” is missing one key element – cover art! We’ve been so busy scouring the planet for more stories to feed to our Hellkittens that we forgot one of the most important elements to any anthology – a cover! We’d like you to help us come up with a cover!… Read more »

Dark Lady Pitch Deadline – March 1, 2015

Hellcat Press’s premier, all-female anthology, Dark Lady, is looking for content. Our original deadline for pitches was February 1, 2015. That date has come and gone, but our Hell-Kittens are still hungry! They’re ravenous and only one thing will satisfy them: more horror comics! To satiate our starving Hell-Kittens, we’ve extended the deadline for pitches… Read more »