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“Dark Lady Returns” and Hellcat’s Hiatus

Hellcat Press’s newest anthology, Dark Lady Returns, has been published! Featuring 21 stories written and illustrated by women from around the world, our fifth anthology comes full circle and is available for sale in our store. Hellcat Press is on Hiatus As you have probably guessed by now, Hellcat Press is on hiatus for the… Read more »

“Screams Heard ‘Round the World” is almost here!

Our newest anthology, “Screams Heard ‘Round the World,” is on its way to bookshelves everywhere! Our demonic Hell-Kittens have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get funding. Our main goal is to get the book printed and distributed; any and all extra money will go straight to our hardworking and talented creators. We have a wide… Read more »

Tales From the Public Domain is finally here!

After a whirlwind summer, Hellcat Press is delighted to announce that our newest anthology, “Tales From the Public Domain,” has been printed and is available for sale! In “Tales From the Public Domain,” we asked our contributors to pick their favorite public domain horror story and breathe demonic new life into it in comic book… Read more »

Simply Sinful is available!

Hellcat Press’s newest anthology, Simply Sinful, is available for purchase in our online store! Containing fourteen stories written and illustrated by talented people from around the world, Simply Sinful delves into the Seven Deadly Sins. ENVY GLUTTONY GREED LUST PRIDE SLOTH WRATH

Submissions Are Now Closed!

HAPPY IDES OF MARCH! The submission period for Simply Sinful is officially done. We are no longer accepting story pitches for Simply Sinful. However, we do still need cover art! We need a rockin’ cover that’ll get everyone’s attention. We also need promotional art. Promotional art will be posted on Hellcat Press’s website and Facebook page, and… Read more »

Joe Hill meets a Dark Lady

Way, way back in August, our very own Lindsay Moore went to Boston Comic Con to raise the money needed to print Dark Lady. She was selling some fabulous decoupaged cigar boxes. She also met Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez, the dynamic writer-artist duo behind smash-hit horror comic, Locke and Key. They’re the nicest guys you could ever… Read more »

A Dark Lady Attended Hartford Comic Con

Dark Lady is finally here!    Dark Lady made her official debut at Hartford Comic Con (September 2015). Over the course of two days, Hellcat Press sold 21 copies of Dark Lady — we made back our table and turned a small profit! Hartford Comic Con was a blast! We even had a small protest from what… Read more »

“Dark Lady” preview!

We’ve started getting finished artwork for Dark Lady, and we wanted to share it with you! Here is an exclusive sneak peak at our upcoming anthology! Like what you see? Then be sure to pick up a copy of “Dark Lady” when it goes on sale next month!

What is Dolly Reading?

What is Dolly reading? Artist Paula Richley has designed some excellent promo art for us! As you can see, Dolly has managed to get an advance copy of Dark Lady (don’t ask us how! It hasn’t even been printed yet!) and is perusing it. Little does Dolly realize that she’s got a stalker – the mysterious HellCat keeps… Read more »

“Dark Lady” cover art needed!

Hellcat Press’s premier anthology, “Dark Lady,” is missing one key element – cover art! We’ve been so busy scouring the planet for more stories to feed to our Hellkittens that we forgot one of the most important elements to any anthology – a cover! We’d like you to help us come up with a cover!… Read more »